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Every online business needs a business foundation. A business foundation consists of a lead capture page create email list (squeeze page), a follow up email sequence for that lead page, and a blog. The lead capture page and email sequence are obvious. They are used to build an email list and use email marketing to get conversions from that email list.

But what’s the blog for? A blog is the most multifaceted tool you can have in your business to create email list. You can use it for SEO, content marketing, selling, and even create email list. In this short resource I’m going to give you 6 tactics to use your blog to create email list!

Tactic #1: To Create Email list Optin Form Positions

Your Blog’s Header – Grab your visitors attention as soon as they hit your page, by putting an opt-in form and offer in your blog’s header.

Your Blog’s Sidebar – Now depending on your blog’s design will depend on if you have a sidebar or not, but it can actually be worth changing your blog design to use this tactic. Placing an opt-in box with a good free offer in your blog sidebar is “prime real estate” because that’s one of the first places the visitors’ eyes go. Take a look at the most popular blogs online and you’ll see they’re all using this tactic.

Within Your Content – As a blogger each piece of content should have a goal. Make a sale, position you as an authority, etc. Another great goal is to write blog posts to build your list. Simply add an opt-in form right at the start of your content, in the middle, or at the end.

Pop Ups – You can use pop ups on your blog to build your list in multiple ways. Have a pop-up as soon as they visit your page, when they try to leave your page, when a certain link is clicked, etc.

Your Blog’s Footer – A lot of people don’t pay attention to their site’s footer and if you’re one of them you’re missing out on another piece of valuable real estate. Make sure and put an opt-in form down there.

Sticky Bars – These are “bars” at the top of your page that scroll with the user while they’re scrolling your site. I don’t advise making a huge one because it will interfere with the user actually being able to use your site, and you’ll lose them quick. However, a colored sticky bar at the top of your site with a call to action to click to your squeeze page is a great way to get people onto your email list.

Side Note: There are some great solutions out there that will allow you to use all of these with one solution. Thrive Leads (although it’s a paid WordPress plugin) is one of the best out there that is an all-in-one solution. If your blog runs on WordPress, I highly recommend you check it out.

Tactic #2:

To Create Email list Use A Subscribe Link In Your Top Menu

If you have a menu at the top of your blog, you should have a link to your lead capture page in your top menu. You can use a one-word call to action like updates, subscribe, free offer, etc. and simply link it to your lead capture page. When visitors click this they’ll be taken straight to your lead capture page and be able to get on create email list.

Tactic #3:

To Create Email list Content Marketing

If you have a blog, you should definitely put all that content you post to it to good use. You can use content marketing in various ways, but the two most popular are search engine optimization (SEO) and posting your content to social media. Just make sure that posts you’re using content marketing tactics with have a call to action for your lead capture page and/or an opt-in form so people coming to your content from your efforts can get to create email list.

Tactic #4:

To Create Email list Guest Blog Posting

You’re a blogger and you can create content. That’s a valuable skill and you can put it to use on more than just your own blog. Look for other blogs in your niche that except guest blog posts. Write great content for them and either link back to your blog or lead capture page to create email list. This is a great tactic because you can use the traffic that other blogs have to create email list of your own.

Tactic #5:

To Create Email list Encourage Sharing Of Your Posts That Build Your List

One of my favorite things about a blog (if you’re using WordPress) are all the amazing plugins you can use to do a multitude of different things. There are several plugins out there that allow you to put social share buttons on various spots on your blog. You can use “floating” buttons that scroll with the viewer as they read your blog post, buttons that you can place before and/or after your blog post, buttons you can put on your site bar and more, but always encourage the viewer to share your posts and your blog. If you get good at getting people to share your content you can bring a lot of extra traffic to your blog and create email list.

Tactic #6:

To Create Email list Content Locking

Have a killer piece of content? Use content locking to get people to opt-in to see your piece of content. Now you’ve got to put some work in to this and really make people want to get access to your content (by using persuasive text and really describing the benefits they’ll get by reading your blog post), but this is a great way to get people to jump on your create email list.

As I said above, a blog is an important part of your business foundation. If you don’t have one yet I highly recommend setting one up and using as many of the tactics that I’ve shared here with you to use it to build your email list. Always keep the users experience on your blog as your first priority, but use as many of these tactics as you possibly can to always be putting an opt-in form or lead capture page in front of your viewer.