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You’ve probably heard marketers say, “build a list” or “the money is in the list”. And that’s probably lead you to wonder what in the world they’re talking about. They’re talking about one of the most powerful marketing tactics ever and one that can be used by just about anyone!

What is this tactic?

Email list building!

Email list building is when you collect the email addresses of those who want to hear from you via an email list management service or software. This can be done on your website, your social media channels, or anywhere else you “do business” on the Internet. You can do this as a business owner (online or offline), as an artist, as an influencer, etc. Basically, anyone that has something to say and/or sell can build an email list that they email whenever they want with anything they want.

Have you ever put your email or name and email into a form on a website and started getting emails from that website? Well, that’s email list building being used by the site owner and it’s one of the most powerful and profitable things you can do for your business.

To help you further understand exactly what email list building is and why you should be implementing it here are a few scenarios of email list building in action!

Email List Building Scenario #1: Physical Product Store

In this scenario let’s say someone has an online store that sells physical products. They could have a pop-up that comes up when someone visits the site offering them a discount in exchange for their email address. This would build the store owner a list of people who are interested in what they have to offer. They could then email that list about special offers, new products, etc.

Email List Building Scenario #2: Digital Product Seller

Another scenario here… Let’s say someone is in the survival niche and they have a blog where they post information about their niche and also point people to digital products that they sell about survival. They could create a free survival checklist and give it away to anyone who visits their blog and signs up for their email list. Just by creating an opt-in form on their blog sidebar with this offer they could build an email list from all the traffic that they get to their blog. They could then email that list when they post new content to the blog, information about their digital products, and even things that they’re an affiliate for. Basically each time they send an email they could be making money!

Email List Building Scenario #3: Influencer

And now the influencer scenario! Let’s say someone is an influencer on Instagram for the world travel niche. They could have a link in their bio that they constantly tell their followers about via their content and posts. That link could go to a lead capture page where the followers can sign up for updates from the influencer. This would give the influencer another way to reach out to their followers other than just by posting on Instagram. This is good for many reasons, but mainly as an insurance policy. What if that influencer wakes up one day and Instagram has decided to delete their account? Game over for that influencer! It has happened and happens all the time. If the influencer has an email list, they can simply setup a profile on a different social media site and bring their following there.

I’m giving you this scenario, so you can see just how powerful email list building can be even outside of just emailing offers to your audience. In this scenario having a list could even save a business.

Email List Building Scenario #4: Live Events

One last scenario here… Let’s say someone is doing a live event where they bring in a bunch of speakers on a topic. You’ve probably seen these before and they do them in several different niches. The self-help niche probably being the most popular one that these are done in. The event coordinator could of course add people to an email list when they buy a ticket to the event, but what about all of those people who don’t sign up?

With a simple popup with a free offer on the topic of the event being offered in exchange for the website visitors email address they could build an email list to email those people repeatedly to encourage them to buy a ticket to the event. It is said it takes a prospect 7 times (on average) to see an offer before they actually buy, so this could be a great way to get more people buying tickets. Without this email list building strategy, most of the event coordinators traffic generation efforts would be lost because only about 1% of people who come to the page will even buy the tickets. So, in this case an email list could add a lot of money in ticket sales!

Now for each of these scenarios there are many other email list building strategies that could be used for each one, but I just wanted to give you one example per scenario to really help you understand exactly what email list building is. You need to see how powerful this can be for your business. According to DMA Marketer Email Tracker, for every $1 spent on email marketing and list building, the average expected return is $42! There’s not many other strategies that even come close to this!

Okay, are you ready to get started with building your own email list? Well, while there is a lot that goes into it, you can easily get started by finding an email list building service (such as Aweber), creating something that your target audience will want (something free, a discount, etc.), and putting a form to collect the email of the user on your website or social media channel. From there I highly recommend you start studying more about email list building because there’s a lot more that goes into it, but hopefully this quick tutorial and the scenarios above have gotten you excited enough to start your profitable journey!