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If you’ve started listbuilding your email list using multiple traffic tactics, multiple lead capture pages with multiple offers for getting people on your list, using multiple opt-in forms on various parts of your blog/website, etc. etc. etc., do you have any idea of what is and isn’t working with your listbuilding efforts? Even if you’re just getting started and you only have a simple lead capture page up to build your email list. Do you know if it’s working? If that traffic you’re sending to everything actually getting leads on your email list?

If you answered “no” to any of what I just asked, then you need to stop what you’re doing right now and figure out what is and isn’t working in your email listbuilding efforts because you could be wasting a lot of time and even money.

So, first things first:

Email listbuilding and email marketing are related, but they are different activities. Email listbuilding are the things you do to get people on your email list. Creating lead capture pages, lead capture opt-in forms for your blog/website, creating lead magnets, and driving traffic to all of those things. Email marketing is what you do once you have at least one person on your email list. Things like creating email sequences, promotional emails, offers to get people to buy from you, etc. As I said, these things are related, but they are different. I say this because it’s important that you understand this but also because moving forward in this tutorial, we’re only going to be talking about how you can find out what works with your email listbuilding.

To get started, you’re going to need something that tracks different things in your email listbuilding efforts.

Things like:

How many people are coming to your website.

Where those people are coming from. What websites/ads are those people coming from?

Are they using desktop or their mobile? This is important in how you build your sites and how you allow people to access the things you want them to access like downloads, additional offers, etc.

How many of the people who are coming to your site actually opt-in on your lead capture page and your other opt-in forms.

How many clicks are you getting on the links you have that build your email list.

What content is working best to meet the goals you have.

And the list goes on and on, but those are the important things. With email listbuilding you need to know what traffic source is getting the most people to your opt-in forms and what opt-in forms are getting you the most leads. As I said knowing more helps, but these two variables are vital. Imagine if you knew exactly where to get traffic and what opt-in form, piece of content, and/or lead capture page got the most people to get on your email list? You could put all of your time and money into getting the most traffic to that one thing!

See why this is so important? I’m sure you do, but you’re probably wondering how to track all of this. With a tracking system!

And boy does this open up a whole can of worms because there are several of them out there all the way from free to paid and all the way to simple to even a Stanford engineering graduate couldn’t use it. This is why most people have no clue about any of their metrics for their email listbuilding. It’s hard to figure out what to use, what to track, and how to make it all work together. Here is what I recommend that you do to make this super easy on yourself. You can do one of two things.

You can study what your options are. You can easily do a Google search and find a ton of options for setting up a tracking system for your email listbuilding. Look at the options and note what each one does that you need it to do. Keep in mind the pricing for these options too. What can you afford? Based on your research which one does what you need it to do at the price you can afford. That will be your tracking tool.

Or you can just go with the industry standard Google Analytics and if your site is built using WordPress you can use a plugin like Analytify (paid WordPress plugin). If not, then I highly recommend learning everything you can about Google Analytics and configuring your website to use it. It’s a lot to learn, but if you can at least learn the basics for tracking the following actions, then you’ll be off to a great start.

Tip: There are different versions of Google Analytics. Make sure you learn to use the most current version or you could do a lot of learning for the wrong version.

What you need to be tracking:

How many people are coming to your lead capture page and how many of those people are getting on your email list (subscribing).

How many people see opt-in forms on your website/blog and how many of those people are getting on your email list through them (subscribing).

How many people click on your ads/social posts for something that you’re using to capture leads and how many of those people are getting on your email list (subscribing).

If you have offers that are paid that leads are shown you should be tracking how many of your leads buy those offers.

Now of course depending on your business there may be other things you need to track, but this is the bare minimum. A good rule of thumb though is if something can be tracked for how well it works… track it!

Now that you’re armed with this information, you’re either going to go start your research for the best tool to use to track your email listbuilding or you’re going to do what I’ve recommended and forget the research and just jump in. Whatever you do though, don’t let another day go by where you’re not tracking your email listbuilding, so you can devote all of your time and resources only to what works.