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Lead Capture Pages To Build Your Email List

When it comes to building your email list, using multiple lead capture pages with different specific offers on them is a great strategy. I equate this strategy to being a fisherman. When you’re out fishing you fish in different spots for different types of fish. You use different lures and bait to catch these different types of fish. It’s no different for email list building. You’re “fishing” for leads, so you should be using different offers as lures and bait to “catch” as many leads as you can.

In this short tutorial I want to lead you through a couple of scenarios. You can use what you learn here and apply it to your niche because this tactic works for just about any niche out there and any type of online business. Let’s dive in!

Scenario #1: Digital Product Business In The Self Help Niche

In this scenario let’s say that you have 5 different digital products that you sell, and they are all related to the self-help niche. You have a main lead capture page that you drive all your traffic to so you can build your list. From the lead capture page, you offer a lead magnet which is a check list on how to live your best life. This is a great start!

Now let’s say that your product topics are: self-care, meditation for stress relief, habit building, growth mindset, and journaling for self-awareness.

Now your general lead capture pages offering your check list on how to live your best life is a great lead magnet for what you have and should “catch” a lot of leads that might buy one or a few of your different products. However, by offering a topic specific lead magnet from an individual lead capture page for all of your product topics, you’re going to be able to build super targeted lists that buy your products like crazy. Plus, when you use targeted lead capture pages in your advertising people are going to be a lot more likely to buy from you because of how targeted your “message to market” is.

For example, for your meditation for stress relief product, you could create a short downloadable guided meditation for stress relief audio and build a lead capture page to give it away for free. Your follow up emails would focus on building a relationship with your lead on this topic, providing them with information on this topic, and pitching your product on this topic to the lead.

You could repeat this process for every product you have and have several lead capture pages out there “catching” targeted leads for you and selling your offers on autopilot.

This also opens up more opportunities for promotions and advertising campaigns for you.

You could create topic specific blog posts and point people to the matching topic lead capture page to build your list. This is going to send your conversion rate for your lead capture pages through the roof because you have a topic specific blog post pointing the reader to a matching topic specific lead capture page.

The same thing will happen with your social media posts and ads when you use this topic. Create topic specific social media posts and ads that point people to the matching topic specific lead capture page and your conversions will also be much higher than if you used just your general topic lead capture page.

Let’s quickly take a look at one more scenario to really help you get the impact that using multiple lead capture pages could have on your list building and ultimately your sales.

Scenario #2: Physical Product Business In The Self Help Niche

In this scenario let’s say that you sell physical products within the self-help niche. Again, you have a general lead capture page on the topic of self-help. You have three physical products which are, a journal for achieving goals, a book on self-awareness, and a workbook on overcoming trauma.

Now as I said above, your general self-help lead capture page would probably work okay to get people interested in the topic of self-help onto your list, but by creating topic specific lead capture pages for each of the topics you have products for, would build super targeted lists of leads that you could put those specific products in front of.

For example, for your journal that you sell on achieving goals. You could create a lead capture page that gives a cheatsheet for the quickest way to set and achieve a goal. You could have a follow up system for those leads that bring them to your product page to buy it. The lead is saying “yes” they are interested in this topic when they signup, so putting them directly in front of a product that helps them with this topic is a sure-fire way to turn your lead into a buyer!

Again, using content, social media posts, etc. that are on a specific topic and then direct your lead to your free offer for that specific topic raises your conversions on your lead capture pages which will get you more leads and more sales.

Another example with putting this into practice would be if you wrote a blog post with 10 tips for setting and achieving goals, and then pointed readers to your lead capture page giving away your lead magnet about setting and achieving goals, which lead them to emails putting them in front of your product about setting and achieving goals.

As you can see having more lead capture pages that are topic specific to products you promote (either your own, products you’re an affiliate for, programs your in, etc.) will really help you in your business. This isn’t only with conversions, but also with your list building numbers in general.

Famous online marketing information provider has reported that “While most companies don’t see an increase in leads when increasing their total number of landing pages from 1-5 to 6-10, companies do see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.”

Armed with this information, I hope you’ll take this tactic and run with it because this is exactly how you really take your email list building efforts to all new levels!